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Summer in the Alps

Are you prepared to be surprised?

Then you absolutely have to come to Ischgl in summer. Anyone can do summer, beach and sea. But have you ever been to Tyrol in summer, in the beautiful Alps? We can assure you, you won’t forget this vacation so easily.

And how could it be any different? Of course, Ischgl and the entire region has so much to offer in summer, too. And we wouldn’t be the Olympia if we didn’t give you a few tips for your summer vacation in advance.

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Hiking and climbing

Mountains have to be climbed on foot

Many of you probably already know our mountains from one or two skiing adventures. But believe us, in summer our beloved rocky giants have a completely different effect. Put on your mountain boots, pack a good snack – don’t forget the summit schnapps – and set off on a discovery tour at various altitudes. We are also happy to reveal our personal favorite tours to you, just say a word.

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Cycling through the valley

E-bike, racing bike or mountain bike?

Well, okay, mountains can not only be climbed on foot. And yes, we, the people from the Paznaun, are also enthusiastic bikers. That’s why more and more mountain bike routes and trails have been created in recent years. To put it in figures, the Paznaun offers you 10 trails, 29 routes, 767 kilometers and an incredible 32,000 meters of altitude. Be honest, you simply can’t miss out on this adventure.

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Climbing adventure Paznaun

Time for a change of perspective

Very often in life, it’s just a question of perspective. That’s why we would recommend a little change of perspective on your vacation. How about simply looking at our wonderful nature from the vertical of a climbing wall. Or would you prefer the bird’s eye view from a via ferrata? For those who want to stay a little closer to the ground, the Galtür boulder park offers the perfect change of perspective, as well.

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For small ones, big ones and everyone in between

Our tips for your family vacation

We also like to travel with the whole family and know about the importance of an exciting and varied program of activities, especially for the youngest guests. One thing is for sure, the Paznaun is a true paradise for families. And because we don’t know where to start and where to stop with our recommendations, we suggest you simply browse through the list of family tips and plan your own personal dream vacation.

Canyoning & rafting

through adventurous gorges

Are you a real adrenaline junkie? Nothing is too high, too fast or too dangerous for you? Then our gorges and rivers are the perfect place for you. Get your dose of adrenaline on a canyoning or rafting tour in the Paznaun. Of course, the tours are offered in different levels of difficulty and no unnecessary risks are taken.

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Huts and mountain pastures

for the well-deserved reward after a challenging ascent

In winter, our huts and mountain pastures are well known as places to stop for refreshments between exciting descents on the ski slopes. And in summer? Well, in summer they are among the most picturesque and beautiful places in our valley. After a more or less challenging ascent, our hut landlords and landladies welcome you with delicious food, cool drinks and a spectacular panorama of the surrounding mountains. Every effort is rewarded.

Psst: Some huts and mountain pastures can also be easily reached by cable car.

Silvretta Card Premium

Sometimes more is simply more

Of course, we want to offer you the best possible summer vacation. That’s why we are a Silvretta Premium Card partner. The card is included with every stay in summer. What does the card have to offer? How about free use of all cable cars and local public transport in the Paznaun and the Montafon or the toll for the Silvretta High Alpine Road? Convinced?


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